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Personal & Semi-private training

In private lessons, the aim is to offer you a personalized approach. We build sessions exclusively based on your wants and your goals. Your needs are also taken into account and you choose when you want to train. We help you mainly with sport but we don't forget to follow your nutrition, to advise you on your sleep or even to give you the keys to best manage your daily stress. Good habits aren't just during your session; we help you build a healthy lifestyle, even outside of Move Lab.


Private classes are for those who would like and need a close follow-up, post-rehab for an injury or a physiological disbalance, as part of a specific physical goal, for getting back in shape starting from 0 or for those who have a preference for this type of approach.


First of all, we start with a meeting to discuss your needs and discuss your goals. We would like to make sure that we could be a great fit and that we are what you’re looking! 😊


Special offer Summer 2024 - Personal Training
10 sessions for 950.- instead of 1160.-

How can we help you ?
Want do you want to do ?
Do you want to benefit from this offer ?

Here you go ! 💪🏼

Offre spéciale SUM24

Small group classes

In small group training, you train with 4-6 other people that have the same goal: strengthening, boxing, cardio, abs, etc.


The advantage of small group classes? You don't train alone! The trainer is there coach and follow each member, providing quality over quantity.

Adding to that, you have a team with you, who undergo the same training as you. It makes training motivating and fun.


By booking your class, you not only have an appointment with the coach and the other great participants but with yourself as well! And count on us to motivate you before, during and after your session 💪🏼


Have you ever taken a small group class? Request an introductory session!

If you're ready to get started, then book the class of your choice!

Teens club

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We offer classes for teenagers from 12 years old in CrossTeens (mix between weightlifting, conditioning & gym) as well as boxing classes. During school holidays we organize strength and conditioning camps, to allow young athletes to improve specific skills in a fully equipped training studio supervised by specialized coaches!

We are very proud to be able to help the young athletes of tomorrow to improve their performances with safe and correct training techniques and methods.


Teens club's greatest strength is that many of the young people starting at Move Lab are never big sport's fans but they always find their space and feel welcome in the training world thanks to our classes. We motivate them, push them to overcome their limits and show them that with a bit of work and a great doze of good will, you can achieve anything!

Battle rope fitness
Depending on your goals, the means to achieve them will be different!


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