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Movement & Nutrition
without restriction!

Move-Lab is a training studio who breaks the codes in order to bring you physically and mentally where you've never been.

Want something you've never had?
Do what you've never done!

Gain self-confidence

Make peace with your body

Create a body ready to take on any challenge

Reach a level of health that will make you live longer


At Move-Lab we learn to know you!

We want to know who you are and we adapt the program according to YOU.

We base our coaching on
⏭ your needs
your goals

À propos de: Victoria

I'm Victoria, movement coach, nutritionist and creator of

I worked for 5 years in major fitness companies in Switzerland, but something was missing...
We didn't coach enough the

After all, every human being is different.

Each person requires tailored attention.

Each person needs an approach that responds to

THEIR needs & THEIR Goals.

But here it is 😫 

In these companies I couldn't find this essential value and I was so frustrated (really!).

🔄We sold subscriptions (figures, figures and more figures)
🔄We cleaned more than we coached the members (hygiene is important, but the human is even more important ! )
🔄We offered generic workouts, made for "everyone" (so really made for no one !)

And then I said STOP

I've been taking all the important trainings to learn and to understand the human being:

⏭anatomy | physiology

⏭ training methods

⏭ nutrition 

⏭ psychology | pathologies

⏭ breathing | mobility

⏭...and a bunch of other topics!

I wanted to be able to understand in detail every person that I was about to coach, that I was going TO MOVE!

Today I wear the titles of movement coach and nutrition therapist.

After privately coaching more than 150 successful clients


I now know where my mission lies ↙

➡ teach you to move and eat without restriction, with pleasure and without pain in order to take your health to the next level, help you develop a body that you're proud of and that will allow you to take up any challenge!

Here is the mission of Move-Lab!🦾


Publication Insta - 15.5  Move Lab-3.png

Victoria - Founder, Personal trainer & Nutritionist

I’m a personal trainer since 2016 and nutrition therapist since 2019.


At Move Lab, I coach the classes in small group training (Strong, Circuit training, Core, Cardio), I coach in private and I’m in care of the nutrition department. I also do assisted stretch sessions.


My diplomas: FISAF Polyvalent fitness coach, Nutrition Therapist ASCA, Level 1 CrossFit, FRC Mobility


I learn whenever I can, taking new trainings every year and I update my knowledge as often as possible with the new method and technique to make sure I can offer a full quality coaching to all my clients.


Beside that: I read A LOT of books like to cuddle my pets and I play piano !

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Nicholas - Physiotherapist

As an experienced Orthopedic Physiotherapist, I've worked with elite athletes of all kinds such as runners, cyclists, and the US ski teams in Switzerland.

My client- centered approach, highest quality care, and attention to detail ensure a successful rehab journey, helping you return to your favorite activities! 


Want to collaborate ?

You are a personal trainer, course coach or therapist and you are you looking for a place to bring your know-how and your energy? Move-Lab opens its doors to you!

The objective of Move-Lab is to bring together in its premises various professionals from the world of health and well-being. We want to allow everyone, members and professionals, to find their place. Our mission is to make the world healthy!

Does it speak to you? Write to us!

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