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Are you a Crossfit box?

No, it's even better! 😜 Okay let's be serious...

CrossFit is a registered brand to which you need to be affiliate if you want to use the methodology and the name. But you will find certain aspects of CrossFit with us especially in the Crosstraining classes (such as the special mix of cardio, strength training and gym). The biggest difference you will notice at Move Lab is that we have smaller classes in order to ensure quality coaching and to ensure that each participant is given special attention!


How can I do a trial?


It's a great idea! Write us or call us and we set up a trial session with you depending on what you are looking for: small group training, personal training, nutrition... and depending on your availabilities.

And then you just have to let yourself be guided!


I want to try but I'm not sure to register...


You are free to choose! A trial is not a commitment. You choose to become a member or not !

But hey, we never know until we've tried, right ? 👀


Can I come even if I am injured?

It depends ! In some cases, we can adapt the exercises so that you can still move. On the other hand, what we advise is to send us a message or call us, so that we can set an appointment to discuss and decide together what would be the best action. As far as the regulations regarding your state of health are concerned, I let you consult the Terms & Conditions to find out a little more about your responsibility.


What to expect in a Small group training session?


Sweating in a fun and amazing environment ! Each session begins with a warm-up and ends with a cool-down/stretching. You will spend a moment out of time, during which you can take care of yourself and disconnect from the world to reconnect with your body. Each workout is designed to help you achieve your goal and will be adapted to your needs.

What to expect in a personal training session ?


Personal training is basically personalized training for YOU and YOUR needs.

In other words, each session is unique, in order to get you where you want to go physically. You will have a great time and you will feel fitter than ever and that directly after the first session. 🥳


During the first session we take the time to listen to you, to get to know you better, to understand who you are. We want to better understand you in order to bring you everything you need...we take care of everything! It will also be an opportunity for you to get to know your coach. You need to feel comfortable, in your element and confident to be in the best conditions to start a change in your daily life.


This session can sometimes last more than an hour; in addition to the questions we are going to ask you, we do some tests to understand your morphology, know what to offer you as an exercise and finally define the plan to have a precise idea of where we are going and how!


You may have understood now, nothing is left to chance and this for a good reason! You trust us with you health and we make it our duty to help you succeed in what you undertake. 💪🏼 


Does it seem interesting to you ? You'd like to know more and maybe try personal training ? Send us an email, fill out the online form or contact us by phone so that we can arrange a first meeting together. 😀

I'm afraid to get injured...


Oh believe me you will get the opposite effect!

Our mission is to transform your body and your mind so that you are never afraid of hurting yourself again. Progressive training principles are applied and each session is tailored to the people taking part. This is YOUR workout!

If you're really worried about it and need to talk to us about it, send us an email, message or call us and we'll take a moment to explain in detail how trainings are done at Move Lab!

Fear is a reaction of your brain to warn of any threat or attack and thus dissuade you from any action that could harm you. To soothe this nervous reflex, we will describe how your training will unfold and therefore reassure you.


I'm not at a "sporty" person, can I still come and train?


Sure ! Move-Lab is made for those who are looking to create and implement a sports routine and who would like to learn how to move better. Our goal is to initiate you into a routine and make it last over time. Each workout is designed for the participants that attend the session and therefore each workout you participate in will be adapted to your level.


It is very rare that a person arrives at Move-Lab with a confirmed level. We're there to move while having fun (it helps to keep the habit in the long term!).


I have a fairly specific goal in mind, how do I know which training format I should choose?


First of all, it's great if you already know where you want to go! You've already passed the most difficult part 😉


We are always happy to know a bit more about you. This allows us to refine our advice and guide you in the best way. Send us a message or call us so that we can discuss it in order to offer you the best plan of action!


Are there showers?

We don't have showers, but we do have toilets.


Move-Lab is an independent, self-funded workout studio, so we need to put our money into essentials and showers aren't one of them yet.


However, we appreciate receiving suggestions and we base our actions on requests so if showers are important, let us know!

What should I bring to a session?

A smile 😉


But above all...

You must wear sports clothes and have clean sneakers (no dirt, mud or sand underneath). A water bottle and a towel are also welcome! 


Do you do classes for children?

Yes, in CrossKids and CrossTeens format. Click here to learn a little more about the format and to register your child or teenager for a trial session!


What services do you offer?


Personal training, solo or group nutrition sessions (you know nutri-club?), small group training (group lessons in small groups), camps for children, sports retreats, workshops and seminars on various topics and a lot of other events! 

We're never bored at Move-Lab 😎

How do I book my session?

Directly from on the website or the application for small group training or unique events. For personal training, being a special service, you will be asked to send us a short email or call us to arrange a first meeting!


Do you do personal training at home?


It can happen but on a case-by-case basis (physical inability to move or long-time client for example). If you are asked to come to the gym, it is for a particular reason... Your evolution is a process that will take you out of your comfort zone and which requires that you be fully present (mentally and physically). The distractions that you can potentially encounter at home can hinder your session and therefore make you lose a precious time. By deciding to do personal training you have made a commitment to yourself and being in a location without any distraction will allow you to work 200% on your goal.


Where is Move-Lab located?


In a strategic location, at Coppet station. 😎 

Address: Place de la gare 9.1296 Coppet


Some lessons may take place at Coppet beach during summer but you'll be notified by message (if last minute change) or on the application.


What are your rates ?

You will find the rates for each service on this page (...)


What are the opening hours at Move-Lab?

We are present when there are small group trainings (see timetable here) and otherwise we are available by appointment (personal training, assessment, other). If you'd like to come out of hours, feel free to book an appointment with us.

How does the waitlist work in small group training ?

Move Lab small group classes have limited spots. This is why when a class is full, you’re directed on the waitlist. By adding yourself to the waitlist, you ensure that you’ll receive a mail directly after someones just freed the spot. You need to book the class yourself if a spot is newly available. In case you’re no more in time to book it, send us a message and we’ll try to do it for you asap.


Updated: Fri. 12.5.2023

Please be aware that Move-Lab is an independent and welcoming training studio. The discussion with the owner about one of the following points will always be possible as long as it's with kindness and respect from both part.

I would like to transfer my subscription to someone, how do I do this?

No transfer of subscription will be possible at Move Lab except throughout a special agreement between the member and the owner.

If I am away the holidays, can I pause my subscription?

Move Lab does not extend subscriptions, neither through pausing nor pro-rata extension.


Move-Lab is nevertheless committed to ensuring that you do not lose sessions and we invite you to come and talk to us about it so that we can plan with you the compensation for the sessions that you will miss.


This concerns Small group training, personal training (sport and nutrition), childrens classes and any workshops or special events.


What if I'm sick?


We are all human, you have the right to be sick! With a medical certificate, we can extend your subscription accordingly and thus prevent you from losing sessions.


I'm moving (🥺), can I cancel and get a refund for the subscription?


If you have more than 70% of the duration left on your subscription, you will be able to receive a 50% refund in proportion to the remaining time. This only applies if you move more than 30 km from Move Lab. We will just ask you to let us know as soon as possible (at the latest 1 month in advance) to help us do what is necessary in peace and quiet. A certificate from your new city will be requested.


If you close, do I recover the lost sessions?


Same principle as above ⬆️ we find a way so that you don't lose any sessions! 

But we do not extend or refund. 


Move-Lab is a small, self-funded independent studio. By coming to train with us, you are not only doing good for your health, but you are also supporting a local and independent business. We do our best to pamper our members, taking care of their general well-being.

We rarely close (celebrate Christmas with the family is important though !) but if we do it is often against our will and in exceptional cases. Given the exceptional nature of such a situation, we will notify you as soon as possible and, above all, we will find a solution (again) so that you do not lose sessions.

Do I have to pay before the start of the subscription?


Session cards (personal training and small group training) must be paid before activation.

Subscriptions and monthly packages are paid monthly: the first month with a 10  days timeframe after the starting date of the subscription then, each month on the same date.

For example: if your membership is activated from the 5th of November, you need to pay the first month by the 15th of November and then each month need to be paid before the 15th of each month. 

Nutrition services, events, single sessions and travel must be paid for in advance.

If I start my CrossKids/CrossTeens membership in the middle of the year, how do we adapt the price ?

CrossKids/Teens memberships are per semester or per year. If the kid/teen missed more than 5 classes since the beginning of the semester/year, we will adapt the invoice prorata.

I cannot pay an invoice, am I entitled to a delay?


Comprehensive is part of our charter of values, which is why if you have a financial problem, if you find yourself in the exceptional inability to pay your bills, we invite you to come and discuss it with us as soon as possible to find a solution together. The goal is for Move Lab to bring you physical and mental well-being, and that also goes through the financial side.


At +1 day after the deadline you receive a little reminder in case you've been too busy and have therefore forgotten about your bill. No extra fees with this first unofficial reminder !


30 days after the deadline, we will charge CHF 20 for reminder costs (2nd) and on the 40th day, without any news from you, we will forward the case to the prosecution. It would be a shame to arrive at that point, but at Move Lab we advocate communication. If you have financial worries, come tell us about it and don't pretend to be a ghost! 👻 

Can I withdraw if I change my mind about my subscription?


We're not in jail 😂 

You have 7 days to withdraw if you wish (it would be a shame as we will miss you!).

After this time, the amount is 100% due. Might as well take advantage of it and come and train, right? At worst, you risk leaving in better health than when you arrived! 


What are the conditions to register at Move Lab?


You must be aged of 18 to register by yourself and have the medical clearance. We trust you if you tell us that you're all good but we decline any responsibilities if you get hurt during or after your training in and out of Move Lab. Move Lab gives itself the right to ask you for a medical certificate if necessary.


No one has ever been injured at Move Lab and we make it our mission to perpetuate this tradition. On the contrary, people have less pain when they come to us.


With our medical and anatomical knowledge, we can help you to comeback into a sports activity as soon as possible. Contact us at so that we can discuss it with you, your doctor and/or your physio in order to adopt the best behavior to help you get back to it! It can only help you 😉 

I broke something at Move-Lab, what should I do?


First take a deep breath, it's just material! (Unless you burned down the gym, in which case we need to talk... 😄)


We will discuss together to initiate a procedure with your RC insurance. If you don't have one, we will arrange so that both part (member and Move-Lab) come out of this issue with a smile and satisfied.


On the other hand, a zero tolerance policy will be applied in the event that you have already been warned beforehand of your lack of care for our local and for our equipment (let's not exaggerate!).


Can I be excluded from Move-Lab?


You really have to push  ourselves to but yes it is possible. We seek to create a welcoming, clean and pleasant environment for anyone passing through Move Lab's doorstep, so if you do not respect the minimum hygiene and cleanliness conditions as well as respect for good manners for a practice collective of indoor sport... we will have to take the necessary measures. 


In extreme and repetitive cases, Move Lab give itself the right to exclude you immediately and to ask you to pay your subscription fully.


Can I cancel my lesson or private session?


We are in a free country, you do what you want...but with consequences. (The biggest one it's less opportunity to load your squat and therefore to have more muscles)


In the case of personal training, if you cancel less than 24 hours in advance, your session will be due. If it only happens to you occasionally, we'll find a way to make it up to you (you have a joker of 4 cancellations per year in this case). If you've used up your jokers, we can't do anything. We are committed to being there for you, on time and 100% available, we expect you to do the same!

If you subscribed for a PT membership, you need to do X amount of session per week. In case you're unable to commit to a session some week, they will be reported to the end of your membership or replaced in the next weeks (if possible). If you haven't been able to do at least 60% of the sessions planned during a month, you'll get the pricing from the higher formula adapted: for example if you have a twice-a-week membership, you'll get the 10-sessions pack price applied.

In the case of a small group training (adults and children), you can cancel your session up to 6 hours before. Unlike a basic gym, with an average attendance of 10 to +40 participants per class, at Move Lab you participate in classes that have been prepared expressly for YOU. The exercises are set up for your needs and goals. So by canceling you will have made us waste precious time that we could have granted to other members who can be present. 

Is there a minimum and maximum number of participants?


Maximum ⬇️

Boxing lessons, core, mobility: 6 people

Crosstraining, strong and cardio classes: 5 people


A minimum of two people are required for a course to take place, otherwise it is cancelled. If you want to add CHF 45 to this session you will have a personal training of 50 minutes! It saves you from not having a class and you will have a training specific to your needs.

If COVID or any other exceptional case forces Move Lab to close, do I get a compensation?


In case the covid does a comeback and we are unable to give classes / sessions, we will pause your subscription from the closing date and it will be reactivated as soon as the reopening. However, you are required to pay your monthly payments as usual.


But we've always found solutions, even during the pandemic, so we won't let it get us down 😉 

How much is a trial session for the small group training ?

A trial session for small group training is CHF 20 (basic drop-in is CHF 30). If after the trial session, the client wants to subscribe to Move Lab, the CHF 20 will be deducted from the membership.

Move Lab is a small training studio so we think that when someone’s occupying a spot in the class, it means a paying-member cannot assist to the class. Adding to this, we think that all present people are receiving the same level of service with the same quality of coaching, therefore the value is the same for everyone.

We highly advise people who'd like to join the small group trainings to follow, prior to that, one or two introductive sessions to make sure they learn the basic movements. Doing so, they will fully enjoy their classes, be able to follow the group pace and feel confident during the training.

The price for one (1) introduction is CHF 80 (taxes included) and CHF 150 (tx.incl.) for two (2) introductions.

I’d like to stop my personal training contract, how can I do this ?

When someone’s is committing to personal training sessions, a spot is taken. If suddenly that person wants to stop, it means the coach has an empty spot to fill to remain efficient. Therefore, we ask for a minimum of one (1) month timeframe to announce the desired-end of a personal training contract. You need to announce the start/end of a month for the start/end of the next month.

You collect my data, but what do you do with it?


We only use them for administrative purposes or to give you a gift from time to time (new parents, birthday, etc.).


Most of the time you must give us at least your first and last name and email address. You may be asked for your date of birth, a telephone number and/or your postal address.


In any case, each information collected is for the sole use of Move Lab and will not be transmitted to third parties who are not part of the professional sphere of Move Lab.


If you would like to know in detail how we manage your information, click here to consult our GDPR.


Do I have to sign this to certify that I've read the above conditions?

No, your purchase is enough to tell us that you have taken all this information into account. 


Now a more solemn tone… 😇

This contract constitutes acknowledgment of debt within the meaning of article 82 Lp. 

Hey thank you for taking the time to read us and see you soon at Move Lab!

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