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Move-Lab: a new gym like no others!

Move-Lab was created to bring you what you could not find anywhere else: a personalized support, the follow-up you need and the quality of coaching (aka avoiding injuries).

Our name comes from "the lab of movement"; we take care of each and everyone of you members, bringing a program that fits your goals and needs, supported by the key principles of anatomy and physiology of the human body.

Yep, that social media fancy exercice seems fun but for some people it won't fit. Anatomy is leading us all but we all still are complex human being. Our bodies adapts and evolve as our environment, so we better get this in consideration when moving and programming.

We teach you how to move...and enjoy it. We teach you how to eat healthy...without restriction. We show you how to manage your stress so it doesn't reach your well-being. Move-Lab is more than a gym. It's YOUR spot to take care of your physical AND mental health.

Results come from consistent work ; if you like/love (or at least appreciate) what you do, you will go on like this on the long run. Move-Lab opened classes to bring you a large choice of discipline and services to help you find THE routine that will fit you.