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Movement & Nutrition, without restriction!

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Hello, I'm Victoria !

Personal trainer & Nutritionist

In 2020, I've created Move Lab 😊

After working for several year in big gym companies, I’ve decided to create my own training studio, to convey my values and to teach personally every person willing to move more.


Kindness - Attention - Quality


Want to know more about my story ?


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Welcome at Move Lab

Move Lab is a polyvalent training studio that welcomes every person willing to get [back] to movement in order to become healthier and live longer.  💪🏼


Our members are primarily looking to get stronger (physically and mentally), to [re]gain self-confidence and to unwind from a busy life.


At Move Lab, you can move in small groups or in private with a coach, whether you’re an adult or a teenager.

Are you more into the personalized trainings or in the small group trainings ?

Book your small group classes


Move Lab online!


Place de la gare 9

1296 Coppet

+41 78 320 62 86

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Merci pour votre envoi !

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